“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”
― Benjamin Franklin

In the last few years, our country has been faced with major disasters and their aftermath. From Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Florence to a train derailment and plane crash in our own backyard, the importance of being able to sustain oneself after a major disaster is essential.

West Pierce CERT’s resolution for the New Year is to help you “Prepare in a Year”. As with any goal, preparing for a disaster can seem like a monumental task. West Pierce Fire & Rescue is here to guide you in completing this important task. The goal is for this to be easy and as inexpensive as possible. Each month will focus on one aspect of disaster preparedness and assist you in one hour of a disaster preparedness activity.

Please visit the links below to view our Prepare in a Year series and see what tasks you may need to complete for your household:

January: Make a Plan

February: Identify an Out-of-Area contact

March: Water Storage

April: Create a Three-Day Kit

May: Important Documents

June: An Extended Event

July: Utility Management

August: Under the Bed Items

September: Fire Safety

October: Earthquake Preparedness

November: Sheltering

December: Home Hazard Hunt

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