Endeavor Fire Boat Assists in Narrows Marina Fire

Narrows Marina Fire Endeavor Fire Boat

University Place, Wash. – Typically, fire departments assist each other during large incidents. Todays fire at Narrows Marina was no different, but West Pierce Fire & Rescue wasnt dispatched to help.

Firefighters had gone out in the morning to complete their weekly check on the Endeavor, West Pierces fire boat, to make sure everything was operating correctly. Later in the day, crews heard the commentary about the fire breaking out while having the U.S. Open coverage on back at the station. The Endeavor is moored at Narrows Marina and firefighters knew they needed to do one of two things: help extinguish the fire or save the boat from being destroyed or damaged.

Narrows Marina Fire Endeavor Fire Boat

Not knowing at this time where the fire was located, they were concerned for the vessel itself. However, they knew if they arrived to find the Endeavor out of harms way, they could be of assistance to Tacoma Fire and their operation. Having done the weekly check that morning, they knew everything on the Endeavor was operational and working properly. When they arrived, crews contacted the Incident Commander from Tacoma Fire and asked if West Pierce could help, and they did.

Narrows Marina Fire

Water-based incidents take additional resources because of the types of calls, location, and access. There are fire boats throughout the south Puget Sound and it is not uncommon for multiple boats to respond to incidents together because of the resources they may require. This fire was no different. The Endeavor responds to water-related incidents for various agencies in the area on a regular basis.

Tacoma Fire Department is handling all information about the fire itself, as well as any investigations to determine cause.

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