Hazardous Materials

Hazardous Materials Incident Contained in Lakewood

This morning at approximately 10:00 am, West Pierce Fire & Rescue was dispatched for a smoke investigation near Mount Tahoma High School on 74th Street SW in Lakewood. Crews arrived to find a container in a nearby field spurting vapors, which could not be identified. It was then that West Pierce requested a response from thr Pierce County Hazardous Incidents Team (PCHIT). 

Agencies from around Pierce County responded to assist and determined the container was a discarded CO2 cylinder that had been covered by garbage. Once the cylinder was identified and deemed to not be hazardous, the pressure was safely relieved. 

PCHIT is a county-wide team that responds to hazardous materials incidents in conjunction with the fire department requesting the resources. West Pierce Fire & Rescue has HazMat Technicians on staff at all times and responds to other jurisdictions as a part of the PCHIT team when requested. Thank you to all agencies who assisted in today’s response. 

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