NW Stories Recognizes Three-time Medal of Valor Recipient Firefighter Jonathan Tinsley

Earlier this year, West Pierce Fire & Rescue proudly honored four firefighters for their bravery and selfless acts while off-duty. One of them, Firefighter Jonathan Tinsley, earned his third Medal of Valor that evening. Shortly after the story was published, WPFR was contacted by NW Stories and Oregon Public Broadcasting about sharing Firefighter Tinsley’s story and his career.

His Medals of Valor came from three separate incidents; two of which while he was off-duty. The first in 2006, where he, his wife and friends were driving down the road, when they witnessed a man stabbing a woman. He subdued the man, while his wife and friends rendered aid to the woman and initiated the 9-1-1 call. Earlier this year, he subdued another man who had attacked multiple people at a gas station in Thurston County. More about those stories can be found in this recent News Tribune article.

It is humbling to share their finished product, as Firefighter Tinsley emulates the humanitarianism that so many of his co-workers share. Thank you to NW Stories and Oregon Public Broadcasting for their hard work.


NW Stories // Firefighter Jonathan Tinsley from Johnny Hammond on Vimeo.

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