Prepare in a Year

Preparedness is key for any disaster. Are you ready if a disaster were to strike tomorrow?

Preparing your home for a disaster or creating a kit may sound overwhelming, but in reality, these tasks can be completed in as little as one hour per month.

When a disaster strikes, first responders may not reach everyone in need for hours or even days, so personal preparedness is essential. Would you be ready to be self sustaining for that amount of time if something happened in our area?

As we focus on one topic for the month of January, it’s important to focus on communications. One of the most important components to being prepared for an emergency is to have a communication plan in place for your family. If a disaster strikes, you should be prepared to be separated from your family. It is recommended that each person in your family carries an out-of-area contact card. An out-of-area contact person is someone who lives at least 100 miles away from your family.

You and your family will be able to contact this person with important information following a disaster and they will be able to relay information to other members in your family about your whereabouts and status. Remember to text instead of call as much as you can, as phone signals may be sparse.

For more information about the Prepare in a Year program or for this month’s focus, please see this helpful guide, available in both English and Spanish.

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