Prepare in a Year: August – Under the Bed Items

Disasters usually strike when you least expect them. Earthquakes and natural disasters do not wait for everyone to wake up in the morning; they can just as easily occur in the middle of the night. Imagine you have just been woken up because your bed is shaking and items are crashing all around you in the dark. You are dazed, confused and half-asleep. What do you do? Do you jump out of bed, potentially stepping on broken glass and tripping on hazards as you race out of your bedroom? Or do reach for you “under-the-bed emergency kit,” in order to check on your family safely and get out of your home if necessary?

Critical under-the-bed items:

  • Sturdy shoes – an old pair of athletic shoes or boots that you can slip on quickly to protect your bare feet from broken glass and other hazards.
  • Work gloves – preferably leather, but any type that you have around the house that will protect your hands from broken glass and other hazards.
  • Flashlight or light sticks – seeing in the dark is critical for a nighttime response. Be sure to check batteries regularly.

Bonus items:

  • Hardhat
  • Sweater
  • Radio
  • Water
  • Bandages

Place gloves in one shoe and the flashlight in the other. Slide under your bed where you able be able to reach them in the middle of the night. Make “under the bed kits” for every family member. One concern is that children will grow out of their shoes and yes, they will. Replace as needed or you can buy inexpensive tennis shoes for this purpose. They do not have to be the latest and greatest, they just need to protect your children’s feet. Make it clear how important those items are to keep safe and they are only to be used in emergencies.

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