Sales Company Claims to be Associated with Local Fire Departments

West Pierce Fire & Rescue

Lakewood, Wash. – Over the last month, fire departments in our area have received complaints of door to door salespeople stating they work for, or are affiliated with, local fire departments.

The salespeople offer homeowners a vent inspection/cleaning and other fire and life safety services. In addition, they have made inappropriate and personal comments to residents, implied that homeowners properties were at risk without their services, and would not leave contact information to identify themselves once a homeowner refused their services.

Thanks in large part to local residents who were contacted by these salespeople, it has been determined that the company involved is Red Services of Bellevue ( West Pierce Fire & Rescue is not affiliated with the company and does not endorse any companies or products.

Kent Fire Department Regional Fire Authority notified fire departments in Western Washington in hopes to spread the word among citizens. Although the actions of this company are not considered illegal, according to the Kent Police Department, it is important to ensure the safety of the community. There have no reports of this happening within West Pierces jurisdiction, but it is important for residents to be aware of the possibility.

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