Two Life Saving Awards Presented to Local Heroes

At the last Board of Fire Commissioners meeting, West Pierce Fire & Rescue recognized not one, but two people with Life Saving Awards.

Mark Sawyer was driving and witnessed a significant collision, which resulted in a victim needing CPR. Mark and two others stopped, called 911 and performed CPR until firefighters could arrive. His heroic actions not only positively impacted the outcome for the patient, but reinforced the need for early CPR when seconds matter most.

Cameron Carter witnessed smoke coming from a home in University Place and quickly called 911. The resident of the home then exited and went over a very steep embankment. Cameron knew the dangers of that area, including live train tracks. He rushed to help the resident and keep her safe until firefighters could arrive and bring her back up the hillside.

The actions of these gentlemen were selfless and heroic, to say the least. Firefighters determined upon arriving on each of these scenes the outcomes for these patients would have been very different had they not intervened. A heartfelt thank you to both Mark and Cameron for taking action and helping someone in need.

Have you heard of the PulsePoint Respond app? Read more about the program here and why West Pierce Fire & Rescue encourages CPR-trained residents to download it. It truly can save a life.

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