West Pierce Fire & Rescue Declares State of Emergency

On Tuesday, March 17, the Board of Fire Commissioners declared a state of emergency within West Pierce Fire & Rescue. This proclamation comes in response to COVID-19, which has impacted not only Pierce County, but at a state and national level.

Having this proclamation in place allows WPFR to take necessary measures to ensure the fire district operates effectively and efficiently, even in time of crisis. It also acknowledges that WPFR’s response to COVID-19 will require the use of all available resources and as a result, will need to access state and federal resources, including financial assistance.

The outcomes of COVID-19 are still in its infancy and the potential for numbers to increase is likely. This proactive step reemphasizes WPFR’s commitment to keeping its employees and the community safe by running daily operations with as few disruptions as possible.

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