West Pierce Fire & Rescue Maintains Class 3 Rating

West Pierce Fire & Rescue was recently evaluated by the Washington Surveying and Rating Bureau (WSRB) and have retained its Class 3 rating. Fewer than 10 percent of fire departments in the state have achieved a Class 3 fire protection rating. West Pierce is very proud to have improved their score by 20 percent since the last rating in 2014, moving the fire district significantly closer to a Class 2 rating.

Fire Protection agencies throughout the state are periodically reviewed by the WSRB to determine the level of fire protection they offer to their communities. The WSRB evaluates departments in a number of categories, such as water supply (hydrants), equipment, facilities, staffing, response times, training, fire prevention, code enforcement and communications. Protection classes range from 1-10, a 1 being the highest and a 10 being the lowest protection rating.

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