2nd grade

Did you know there are three components to creating a fire? They’re known as the fire triangle and understanding the science behind fires is very important. In addition to learning more about fire science, reinforcing basic fire safety skills are equally important.

In this lesson, students will learn:

  • What the fire triangle is
  • What to do if they hear a smoke alarm
  • How to stop, drop and roll (and why we need to know about it)
  • How to create a fire escape plan (as a family)
  • How to practice a fire escape plan (as a family)

Each video covers a specific topic and links to resources, handouts and worksheets are linked underneath each one.

Click here to for a list of things to look for in your home while you’re inspecting!

Click here to download a blank grid to make your very own fire escape plan.

Learn more about our grant-funded smoke alarm program!

Click here to download an escape planning tip sheet to make creating and practicing your plan a breeze.

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