Please sign up for emergency alerts based on the city you live and/or work.

CodeRED is powered by OnSolve, which is an emergency alert software that includes text, phone, and email notifications for the mass dissemination of critical messages. Using the software, your local jurisdiction can send life safety information quickly and efficiently to residents via voice and text alerts.

To receive alerts, residents will need to opt-in by signing up using the links below. Once enrolled, residents can control how they would like to be alerted, either via text, phone, or email. Sign up for alerts based on the city you live and/or work:

Lakewood Alert

University Place

Steilacoom Alert

CodeRed Alerts will primarily be used for emergency incidents where life safety is at risk. The alert system will also be used sparingly for specific non-emergency situations, such as a missing person, traffic congestion, and extreme weather notifications.

When are these alerts used?
These alerts are sent primarily during emergencies, where pertinent information is being shared. Subscribers may receive text and email alerts in the event of an emergency. Subscribers may also sign up for important non-emergency updates.

Should I sign up for other alerts?
We recommend signing up neighboring alerts, including Lakewood, University Place and Steilacoom. The alerts being sent from a city’s system will only reach that city’s borders. Since we protect all three communities, signing up for multiple alerts will help to ensure you are aware of an important message. We also encourage residents to sign up for Pierce County Alert, which reaches the greater Pierce County area.

Surrounding cities who also have their own alerting systems available:
Bonney Lake

You may also download the CodeRED app on your phone to receive alerts within any community using the service. Please note: you do not have to sign up for all levels of alerts in every community.

How do I sign up?
To sign up: Visit any of the links above and provide your name, phone, email address, and location. You may remove your phone or email information if you wish to receive only one type of notification.

Providing a location is important. Some emergencies only threaten a small area. In these situations, we may issue a limited alert to nearby subscribers. Local alerts are based on information provided by users – user location is not tracked.

The CodeRED mobile app is also available, which allows you to receive emergency alerts based on your location. Please click here to learn more.

Users have the option to provide multiple locations (i.e. work and home) or subscribe a family member to alerts.

Under phone and email, leave “General Notifications” checked to receive non-emergency alerts in addition to emergency alerts. If you already have an account and wish to adjust your settings, use the same link.

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