West Pierce Fire & Rescue is dedicated to ensuring the community is prepared in the event of a disaster. During major disasters, such as an earthquake, firefighters may be delayed in their response to 9-1-1 calls and the community will need to rely on each other to assist until help arrives.

Each month, WPFR is sharing tips from the Washington Emergency Management Division’s Prepare in a Year series, available here in both English and Spanish. This process breaks down disaster preparedness into smaller tasks that can be accomplished month to month.

This month’s disaster preparedness tip is about preparing your home to be self-sufficient for at least two weeks.

When a large disaster happens, it could take up to two weeks for resources to assist those in need. It is important to be prepared to take care of your household for at least two weeks. You can be two weeks ready by preparing beforehand.

Gather lighting supplies like flashlights, camping lanterns, light sticks, or solar lights. For cooking during the two weeks, store a camp stove, butane stove, or even a barbecue. (It is important to never use a camp stove or burn charcoal indoors because it could cause carbon monoxide poisoning.) Consider adding disposable utensils, cups and plates to your kit since washing dishes might be difficult.

Having an alternate means of shelter could also be useful. Storing a tent or waterproof tarp, sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, rain gear, and emergency blankets will be useful if you may not be able to sleep in your home after a major disaster. Most of the supplies needed for your kit are most likely already at home. For supplies still needed, gather things over multiple trips and slowly grow your two weeks ready kit.

Prep tip:  Most of the items you need can be bought at dollar or discount stores.


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