LIVE FIRE TRAINING ALERT: West Pierce Fire & Rescue (WPFR) will be performing a live fire training exercise at 4205 108th Street SW in Lakewood on Tuesday, April 24th.

Training will begin early Tuesday morning and continue throughout the day. Small interior burns will take place for the first half of the day until “final burn down” of the house in the afternoon.

How does this affect you? Some roads and driveways may be blocked due to hose and/or fire apparatus. If you reside on Rainier Avenue SW the road will be closed between 10612 and 10614. There will be a large supply hose crossing the street at this location. Please do not drive over this hose for the safety of our firefighters.

Class A smoke (mostly wood) will be present. Please keep your windows and doors shut and your furnace/AC off while smoke is present. In most cases, the smoke will rise up from the heat of the fire and is not an issue. That being said, weather conditions can cause the smoke to settle lower. Ash is also common; this ash is cold and does not pose a fire threat.

This type of training is essential for your firefighters, as it prepares them to respond flawlessly, efficiently and safely when the real fire alarm goes off.

Thank you for your cooperation! Please contact us with any questions by calling (253) 564-1623.

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