Ever wonder what West Pierce Fire & Rescue has to offer? Take a look around!


Station Tour
Ever wondered what our a fire station looks like on the inside? Each day, eight firefighters live there 24 hours per day, seven days per week. The firefighters are work on three different shifts and this station also houses our administrative staff. Come on in and take a look around!


Fire Engine Tour
You’ve probably seen one of our fire engines driving around town, but do you know what’s inside? Firefighters carry lots of equipment from hoses to rescue tools to supplies to help with medical emergencies. Let’s take a look!


Medic Unit Tour
Our medic units are a smaller version of a hospital. Paramedics are trained to help patients with trauma or medical emergencies and get them to the hospital quickly. It’s full of equipment and supplies. Want to see what’s inside?


Ladder Truck Tour
Now that you’ve seen a fire engine, have you seen our ladder truck? With the ladder on top, it’s pretty easy to spot when you see us driving down the road. Let’s listen in and learn more about what this rig can do.


The Roles of a Firefighter
Ever wonder why there are at least three firefighters who staff a fire engine? Each one has a different job and in this video, each of them are explained. Needless to say, we have a lot of fun showing you what a day in the life looks like.


Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Training
During a disaster, fire department response times will be delayed. The CERT Training is a free class offered to community members in order to help themselves and neighbors before help can arrive. For more information on this course, be sure to visit our CERT page.


We also want to thank our long-time Open House vendors and partners for their support in this event year after year. They attend the event to give up-to-date information to our community and their partnership doesn’t go unnoticed. Thank you to all who participate to make this event a great success and we hope to see you all next year!

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