PROPOSITION 1 is a replacement of the current MAINTENANCE AND OPERATIONS LEVY. The request is for $13.9 million dollars annually. This is not a new levy, but a continuation of the maintenance and operations levy the community has supported for over 40 years.

PROPOSITION 2 returns the REGULAR LEVY to the statutorily authorized rate.

PROPOSITION 3 returns the EMS LEVY to the statutorily authorized rate.

Collectively, these three ballot measures fund approximately 85% of the fire district’s operating budget.

Calls for service have increased drastically

West Pierce Fire & Rescue is the most urbanized fire district in Pierce County, with a very high demand for service. Since 2011, call volume has increased nearly 28% and the trend is not slowing. Call volume is already up an additional 9% in the first quarter of 2019.

This funding is critical for continuing effective service delivery
This funding supports a strategic four-year hiring plan to address increasing call volume. The hiring plan will provide for five additional Firefighter/EMTs per day to support emergency medical response programs.

This funding supports 85% of the district’s operations
West Pierce Fire & Rescue has six fully staffed fire stations, providing fire suppression, emergency medical treatment and transport, emergency rescue services, fire prevention programs, public education, and CERT training throughout Lakewood and University Place.

These are not new levies
Proposition 1 is a replacement of the Maintenance and Operations Levy that has been supported by the community for more than 40 years, and Propositions 2 and 3 return the Regular and EMS Levies to their statutorily authorized rate. The total taxes assessed in 2020 will be less than they were in 2016, based on an equally valued home.


For any inquiries regarding these propositions,
please contact Fire Chief Jim Sharp or Finance Director Koree Wick at 253.564.1623

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