2023 Alarm Summary

West Pierce Fire & Rescue (WPFR) responded to 17,809 calls for service in 2023, which is an average of 48 calls per day.

Of these 9-1-1 responses:

  • Approximately 79% of these calls are for emergency medical aid
  • Approximately 47% of those emergency medical aid calls resulted in a transport to a local hospital
  • 2,161 calls were for fires, rescues and hazardous materials calls. While this is a small percentage of overall call volume, these are high threats to life and take a lot of resources to mitigate.
  • August 2023 was the month with the highest call volume, where crews responded to 1,666 calls for service. August attributed for many brush fires, where two major incidents happened this month alone.
  • Overall call volume was similar to that of 2022, increasing approximately 0.5%.

WPFR has six stations, strategically located throughout the fire district and are staffed for emergency response 24 hours per day. All firefighters are trained to a minimum of an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and approximately one-quarter are trained to the level of Paramedic. There are also firefighters specially trained in technical rescue, hazardous materials response, water and dive rescue.

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