Two Life Saving Awards Presented to Local Heroes

At the last Board of Fire Commissioners meeting, West Pierce Fire & Rescue recognized not one, but two people with Life Saving Awards. Mark Sawyer was driving and witnessed a significant collision, which resulted in a… Read More


Nine Firefighters Presented with Letters of Commendation

After a major incident, it is common for firefighters to come together and debrief. This includes lessons learned, strategies and tactics used, and in today’s case, letters of commendation for their efforts resulting in saving a… Read More


Reminders for Warmer Weather

As people head outside to enjoy the springtime weather, West Pierce Fire & Rescue (WPFR) would like to remind the community about safety precautions they can take. As the daylight sticks around further into the evening… Read More


Lakewood Resident Recognized with Life Saving Award

On Thursday afternoon, West Pierce Fire & Rescue presented a Lakewood resident with a lifesaving award for his quick actions during a medical aid call. Crews responded to reports of a cardiac arrest, where a woman… Read More


How West Pierce Fire & Rescue Assists Neighbors in Need

When wildfires strike, whether in Washington State or in other parts of the country, it is not uncommon to be asked the question, “is West Pierce sending firefighters to help?” Typically, the initial reply is “no,”… Read More


Smoke Alarms Save Local Residents

Smoke alarms alert residences to smoke in their home, giving residents precious seconds when they matter most. That is why WPFR continually seeks out grant funding to continue its smoke alarm program. This program has thrived… Read More

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