West Pierce Fire & Rescue is dedicated to ensuring the community is prepared in the event of a disaster. During major disasters, such as an earthquake, firefighters may be delayed in their response to 9-1-1 calls and the community will need to rely on each other to assist until help arrives.

Each month, WPFR is sharing tips from the Washington Emergency Management Division’s Prepare in a Year series, available here in both English and Spanish. This process breaks down disaster preparedness into smaller tasks that can be accomplished month to month.

This month’s disaster preparedness tip is about supplies kept under the bed.

Keeping basic supplies that you will need in case of an emergency under your bed will make it easier to quickly grab them. Supplies you may want to have under your bed are:

  • sturdy shoes
  • work gloves
  • flashlight
  • hard hat
  • an OK/ HELP card
  • tape or bandages
  • a whistle

Prep tip: instead of throwing away your old shoes, put them under your bed!


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