Wildfire Safety Tips

At approximately 5:30 p.m. on Sunday, August 7, West Pierce Fire & Rescue (WPFR) was dispatched to a brush fire at the 10200 block of Earley Avenue SW in Lakewood. Crews arrived to find a fast moving brush fire and called for additional units.

The fire spread very quickly and threatened two homes in the area. Thanks to strategic actions of firefighters, crews not only contained the fire but saved the homes. Thankfully, there were no injuries during this incident. Fire investigators were called to the scene and the cause is under investigation.

When hot weather hits, it is important to know how dry grass quickly turns into fuel for fire. Please take every precaution to not only prevent fires from starting, but keeping your home safe. Please see the following tips on how to not only prevent fires, but how to defend your home, courtesy of Washington State Department of Natural Resources.

Prevent Wildfires:

  • Properly dispose of cigarettes and do not throw them into the open
  • During hot weather, work in the cooler parts of the day (morning and evening) and postpone your work is weather calls for low humidity or high wind
  • Do not park vehicles on dry, grassy areas, as exhaust system heat can ignite dry grass
  • Fireworks are illegal to use outside of designated dates and times

Defend Your Home From Wildfire:

  • Keep a minimum of 5 feet between branches of trees
  • Limb trees at least 10 feet up to reduce the chances of fire getting to the top of the trees
  • Trim vegetation for safe access to your home by the fire department
  • Keep your lawn and vegetation around your home low and green
  • Keep fire fuels (brush, vegetation, trees, beauty bark) at least 30 feet away from the structure

Please also see the Outdoor Burning webpage to understand West Pierce’s permanent burn ban, including yard waste, brush and burn barrels. Recreational fires are allowed and defined on that page as well.

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